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Flamingo Inflatable Ride-On - MEGA

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The Flamingo Inflatable Ride-On is designed for maximum comfort and convenience.

Its easy-inflate feature means you'll spend less time prepping and more time enjoying the water. The spacious seating area ensures a relaxed and carefree experience, allowing you to soak up the sun and savor the joy of summer.

This ride-on float is built to withstand the rigors of endless summer adventures.

Its sturdy construction ensures a secure and comfortable ride, allowing you to lounge in style without a care in the world.

The oversized dimensions make it the perfect pool accessory for both adults and kids. 

It has:

  • 2 heavy-duty handles 
  • 2 air chambers



Deflated  (1.78m x 1.35m)

Inflated H (1.47m x 1.40m x 94cm)

12ga (0.30mm) vinyl 



What's included? Charger, Foot/Hand attachment & Manual

Weight: 1.25kgs

Size: 32x20x11 cm

Rated Power: 24W

Rated voltage: 12.6V

Battery Capacity: 2200mAh

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Flamingo Inflatable Ride-On - MEGA
Flamingo Inflatable Ride-On - MEGA
Flamingo Inflatable Ride-On - MEGA
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What benefit will the massager give me?

An increase in blood flow helps to aid in the acceleration to heal bones and nerve tissues. Helps aid the recovery of hypertension, arthritis contusions.

Overall your physical and mental wellbeing will be enhanced by our all-in-one heated massager.

Massage is known to aid in the following:

  • Reduce stress and increase relaxation.
  • Reduce pain, muscle soreness and tension.
  • Improve circulation, energy and alertness.
  • Lowering heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Improving immune function.

Why choose our massager?

Why pay $250 elsewhere? Our massage pillow is built to last & is able to simulate a real massage in the comfort of your own home, office or while traveling.

We have made sure our massager has all the benefits needed for an ultimate level of relaxation.

Many other massage pillows are not fully wireless, and also do not come with our versatile attachment piece.

Where can I take my massager?

Our massager is the perfect size for car, plane and sea travel. It weighs 1.25kgs & is 32x20x11 cm


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